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Candle in the Cave Exclusive from Trollbinde:


Toothed Iris Bib: This neckpiece features iris blooms and pomegranates. Made from rich antique gold, opal and garnet, she is the lush and the glamour of Lilith’s garden. She is finished with our signature hook clasp. 

Neckline is 16” with 3” adjuster


  • Antique gold overlay over brass, bronze and pewter

  • Garnet

  • Opal


More About Trollbinde & Her Magic:


Trollbinde breathes new life into abandoned materials from shuttered manufacturing mills. A systematic process of transforming discarded bits and reimagining their otherworldly potential results in decorative and potent talismans and sacred symbols you can put on as part of your everyday armor. Combined with selected gemstones and earthly materials, Trollbinde produces modern majestic artifacts for any of your life's journeys.

Toothed Iris Bib Necklace

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