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The Session:

Enjoy this 15 minute recorded tarot session to celebrate your beautiful birthday! Session includes a recorded audio file and photograph of your tarot spread with crystals & natural elements that echo the energy of your tarot reading! 


The Spread:

Birthday tarot readings shine a light on the following topics: what you have learned this year, what you will learn in the upcoming year, cards to focus on in love, health, career and spiritual practices. There is also a section that focuses on your dreams and aspirations and we round out the session with intention setting through alternative oracle cards that include an animal ally for the year and other beautiful messages! 


The Details: 

Take a deep dive into the magic of your year ahead with a Candle in the Cave Birthday tarot reading! Connect to the mystical world of intuitive tarot by listening to the channeled messages of your spirit guides and ancestors with a one on one session with Caitlin! 


I will not read on the following topics: 

Fertility, Legal Matters, Serious Health Issues, and Suicide. 

Birthday Themed Recorded Tarot Session

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