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Crystals & The Major Arcana

My favorite thing about witchcraft is how interconnected the tools are with one another. The parallels between tarot cards, astrology, animal medicine and crystals is astounding! Every Candle in the Cave tarot reading includes a photograph of your tarot spread complete with crystal correlations meant to enhance the energetic medicine of your unique tarot reading! As a Capricorn, I am so drawn to the beauty of earth magic so what better way to connect with this element than crystals!

Since beginning my journey of designing the Candle in the Cave Tarot Deck (available in 2022!) I've taken a deep dive into the crystal correlations with each tarot card. Today I finished the final card in the major arcana and before moving on to the beloved minor suites, I wanted to offer you the beautiful information I've gathered over the last few months! If you are a crystal and tarot lover, consider pairing your tools in 2022 for a deeper connection to your practice and witchcraft!

2022 is just around the corner, have you set your intentions for the year ahead yet? If not, consider booking a Candle in the Cave Year Ahead Tarot Reading with me directly on my website! These in depth tarot reading s shine a light on the various topics we all want insight on when approaching a new year! If you're a seasoned tarot reader or love reading for yourself, feel free to save the graphic to enjoy the tarot spread on your own! Be sure to tag @candleinthecave or #candleinthecave if you share your tarot spread to socials!

Candle in the Cave's Crystals & The Major Arcana

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