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Witchy Summer Solstice Activities

  1. CLICK HERE to listen to my Hot Witch Summer Official Playlist

  2. Drinking room temperature water with a little bit of lemon is a great way to kickstart you digestive track and to put a little pep into your step first thing in the morning!

  3. Altars are a beautiful tactical way to connect to your magic and are an easy and fun activity to connect to your witchy side! Summer altars should include bright colors like yellow, red and orange. You can adorn it with flowers, crystals, candles, photographs, and anything else that brings you joy during the summer!

  4. Bonfires are the most traditional way to celebrate the Solstice. Fire magic is a fabulous way to connect with your guides! Consider writing your "burning questions" on a piece of paper and mindfully throwing it into the flames imagining the smoke carrying your questions to your guides. If you don't have access to an outdoor bonfire, you can get a similar effect with an attended candle indoors.

  5. Infuse a pitcher of lemonade with 10-20 sprigs of lavender for an extra kick!

  6. Something about summer reminds me of desserts and treats! Invite your friends over in the early evening for a sunset dessert potluck! Encourage everyone to connect the theme of summer to their dish!

  7. Strapped for time? Simply take a moment to bask in the warmth of the sunlight! Remember, you ached for this moment back in February!

  8. Color magic is an easy and accessible way to connect to the magic of the day!

  9. Make a summer solstice spell jar with a combination of items like carnelian, citrine, calcite, marigolds, calendula, roses, honey, glitter, cinnamon, sand, or rainwater!

  10. Take a summer solstice ritual bath! Add Epsom salts, a handful of calendula, two tablespoons of honey and a bag of chamomile tea to your bathtub adorning the bathroom with candles and incense. Turn off the lights and relish in the delight of summer!

  11. Enjoy Candle in the Cave's Summer Solstice Tarot Spread on your own below!

  12. Book a professional tarot reading with Candle in the Cave

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